New Project! (Dropped Old One)

I decided to start a new project! However, I also decided to drop my old one. I realized while I was doing research for the old one, that I wasn’t as into it and passionate about it, so I decided to stop before I got to far into it. Once I talked to my teacher about why I dropped the first project, I instantly started to get to work on the new one.

While I was doing research for the first project, I started to talk to and make connections with some of my classmates. My one classmate that I got closer to, Cami Leyes, told me about her project and I really liked her idea. The idea was to create clothing and sell those clothes and whatever money that was made from what was sold will be donated to a soup kitchen or any other helpful organization. I asked her if she would be willing to have me as a partner on this project and she said yes. I joined her on this project on January 7, 2021, and on that day I got straight to work on doing the research.

I researched a local soup kitchen called Manna on Main Street and even contacted them to see what they may need from us in the future. Hopefully, if this project goes well, we can start donating to other soup kitchens and organizations as well. Once we get a design for our clothes, we will start promoting it on social media, at school, and I will even create an entirely new website for it as well. I am excited to start this new project and I can’t wait to update everyone on what my partner and I have accomplished so far.

Manna on Main Street | Ending Hunger, Building Community, Transforming Lives


First Project Idea (2020-2021)

For my Innovation Lab class for my junior year of high school, we were asked to think of and eventually create a project that would benefit ourselves and others in our community. I thought of the idea to create a website space where anyone can go to give out or receive advice from others. Everything would be anonymous, so no one would have to feel judged for their situation or opinions. I think this space would benefit everyone who decides to join and could bring people together once they realize that other people in their community may be going through the same things that they are personally going through.

I wanted to eventually maybe even create a podcast where I can have live people asking for advice (again all anonymous) so others can listen in real time. I could even try to get guest speakers on and “professionals” that are somewhat experts in this field.

Free stock photo of advice, airplane, background