Project 1-Continued

The next step for my project (read more about it here) was to present it to the class to receive feedback, which would help improve the project idea. I presented my idea on December 15, 2020, and received great feedback from my classmates. My classmates asked good questions on how I planned on promoting my website/idea once I had everything ready. My plan was to promote through social medias and through my school, since I was going to start locally and hopefully branch out more once it gained more traffic.

My teacher, Mr.Heidt also brought up the idea of doing a test run, before the website would be promoted, to see if everything would run smoothly and effectively. He also brought to my attention that I am not a certified counselor and asked what would happen if someone were ask for advice for a very serious topic. I hadn’t really thought about this before, but as I was saying in my first project post, I would hope to bring “professionals” in that could help or I could even link to numbers and other websites that are more specialized in those types of serious topics.

The next main step for this project would be to complete some research.

Feedback Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures


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