9-14-18                                                                                                                                                About a half a month ago school started. It was a big step for me and my friends because we were starting High School. Starting this new chapter in our lives brought tough situations and some good ones. I believe that High School is the beginning of our future, so starting here was big news. I need to make sure I keep up good work and push myself to do amazing things. If I do all of this, what comes next should be easy. Having fun in High School, going to college, completing goals, and so much more.

9-28-18 Community Of Writers-                                                                                                           I think a community of writers is a good thing to have. Those writers can build bonds and relationships with each other, while sharing and giving feedback to each other about their writings. Writers can also edit each other work and share ideas among each other. This to me gives writing a more meaningful purpose when you have other writing sharing and reading each other pieces. It can give you better feedback since most of experienced in writing and it can help change your writing for the better. I believe the class of 2022, or specifically this Honors English class will all be great writers and we will all help each other out when needed. It is also great to know that you have friends or peers who are willing to make your writing better and help you succeed in learning.

10-12-18 Who I am as a Reader/Writer Revision Reflection-                                                        In my writing for “Who I am as a Reader/Writer” I would like to change a few key details. After reading my teachers comments, I realized that I missed a huge factor in my writing pieces. I would like to add more of my metaphors throughout both of the pieces to bring more depth into my writing. I will also focus on changing small grammar errors found in my pieces. Mr. Heidt’s comments really helped me realize what I should change to improve my writing. I am definitely going to try some of his suggestions.

10-19-18                                                                                                                                                  1. Some pleasant surprises from this week was that I got good grades on most of my tests in every subject. These test greases still kept my averages to an A, which was surprising to me because I usually do not do well in social studies.

2. Some lessons that my work taught me that I could build upon nest week was that I should pay attention more in classes. I do listen to my teacher, but when they talk for long times I zone out and miss most directions. For next week I will try and pay attention to all directions so I do not get lost in the lesson.

3. Yes my short-term and long-term goals for the first marking period are still aligned. I am still working on my goals, but I can tell that I am getting very close to accomplishing them. Hopefully my goals will be meet by the second marking period.

4. I could have spent more time studying for tests and quizzes. Sometimes I would study for like 10 minutes and when I took the test I was lost and did not understand what the questions were asking. I could have spent less time watching shows or movies and going on my phone. This distracted me from homework and studying for testing, which can bring my grades down.

10-26-18                                                                                                                                                     For my English Grade-less Conferences for marking period one I will be doing a slide show. After I finish my slides, I will have to present it to Mr. Heidt. In my first slide, the overview, I will go over how I felt in the beginning of the year til now. I will say how I felt I was out of place and most times confused, but now I am perfectly fine and on task. I will then talk about my “Who I am as a Reader/Writer” pieces and how I did on them. I thought I did very well and my revisions helped me tie my pieces together. My feedback from these pieces also helped improve my work. Then, I will explain how my blog is doing and how I am improving it. I always put every piece needed into my blog and make it easy to navigate and understand. Next, I will talk about my words on Wednesday. I will say how I never miss the due dates for these projects and how I do or do not well on the tests. Lastly, I will explain how I am doing n touchstones and what I am taking out of them. I will also add examples of my free writings and an overview summary of my slides. I believe I will receive a good grade for marking period 1.

11-2-18                                                                                                                                                       Writing Training  Camp has affected me as a writer in many ways. It has affected me in my sentence scheme skills, imagery, and most importantly creativity. All of these topics affect my writing in some way, so improving any of these skills can make me a better writer. From this learning experience, I learned how to make my writing sound more natural like “real talk”. I also learned how to take a boring paragraph and turn it into a descriptive imagery story. These skills will improve my writing for future essays or stories. This also helped expand my creativity which can also improve and help in many parts of my life.