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10-3-18                                                                                                                                                       #1- The book I am reading is called Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell. I choose to read the book because it was recommend to me by a fellow classmate and it was written as one of my favorite genres, romance.

This book is about a new girl named Eleanor who does not own many things and her family situation is not the best. On her first day of school, she gets on the bus and does not have a place to sit. Then a guy named Park tells her to sit down next to him before other people start to get angry. They do not talk to each other for the rest of the ride and in school.

From what I read so far, the two main characters do not seem to be getting along. However, I predict that they will see how perfect they are for each other and they will soon fall in love. From what I read I have enjoyed the book and I am glad someone recommended it to me.                                                                  

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10-8-18                                                                                                                                                       #2- In the book, Eleanor has a lot of problems with family and school. She has four siblings named Ben, Maisie, Mouse, and the two year old baby. She also lives with her mom and her mother’s new husband. Her real father does not talk to them much and with the divorce he took most of their belongings so they do not have much anymore.

Her new father named Richie is very mean to her and her family, but they have to deal with it because he is the one that puts food on the table for them to eat. Since she does not have much, she wears worn out clothes that are big on her and all the other people in her grade make fun of her for it.

The only friend she really has is Park, but even that relationship has its hard times. I believe Park will soon see how bad her home life is and will try to help because he is starting to like her as more than a friend. I think things will soon turn out better for both of them.

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10-10-18                                                                                                                                                    #3- In the book, Eleanor and Park at first do not see eye to eye. To Park, Eleanor is weird and not outgoing. To Eleanor, Park is a perfect kid with a lot of friends. They always sit on the bus together, but they would never talk.

Then one day Park starts to bring in comics to read and catches Eleanor reading looking over and reading them too. He soon starts to bring in more comics for her to take home and read. It then later turns into Park making music tapes for her to listen too.

This interested me because it was weird for me to understand that there relationship can change from reading a comic. Who knew reading on the bus together could spark a friendship or maybe even more. Once the comics were done, they learned to talk to each other like real friends. Talking led to a music topic where Park let Eleanor borrow his music player to listen too. There friendship came a long way from just a few comics and that is what really surprised me.

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10-17-18                                                                                                                                                     #4-While reading the book, there was one part of chapter 24 that shocked me and made me worry about the characters in the story. In this part, Eleanor wakes up to a loud bang coming from the kitchen. Right away she is awake and gets out of bed. Her first instinct was to open the door and inspect the noise, but one of her little sisters said no. Instead she climbs out the window and calls 911 from a neighbor’s phones. This loud bang was actually a gun shot set off in her own home.

When the police arrive, they walk inside to inspect the situation. Her evil step father and mother explain how it was all a misunderstanding and the cops leave. Once they leave, her step dad goes off on her getting mad and saying how “she can’t get rid of him, but he can get rid of their family.” This took me by surprise when I found out that the gun shot was to scare kids playing basketball because they were being to loud.

While reading I was worried that the main character’s family would have gotten hurt or maybe even killed. I was also worried that the kids playing basketball would get hurt or shot. Maybe the kids playing basketball could have Park. Or maybe her step father would hurt Eleanor for calling 911. All these thoughts raced in my head while reading and when this happens, to me that means it is a good book to read.

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