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Welcome to my blog. This section will be all about Romeo and Juliet. Hope you enjoy!

First Impressions-

From what my English class and I have read so far, Romeo and Juliet were what I was expecting. What pleased me while reading Romeo and Juliet was the creative difference that was written in the story. I know, however, that in that time this piece was not considered to be “different”, but since times have changed it does feel a lot different when read.

The most difficult thing to understand, besides the language, was the ideas that Shakespeare put all together. It is hard to understand how someone, Romeo, can go from being madly in love with one girl, Rosaline, to being married to someone else the next day. Things like this usually do not happen in today’s world, which makes the ideas and plots a little hard to understand.

Love at First Sight?-

Love, at first sight, can be very complicated and can mean different things to different people. Love at first sight to one person could mean just looking at someone else’s appearance. While someone else could think love, at first sight, is after you get to know someone and then realize that you loved them when you first meet them. Some people may think love, at first sight, is stupid, while others might think it is wonderful.

In the story of Romeo and Julietlove, at first sight, has already taken place. In act one is were Romeo goes to the Capulet party and sees Juliet. Once they see each other, they fall in love right away and kiss. They soon realize that they can not be together but that does not stop them from trying. In the play, Romeo says, “Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again” (Shakespeare 1.5.120-121). Romeo says this after their first kiss because he realizes that they are not supposed to be together, so he calls there kiss a “sin”.

Image result for romeo and juliet
Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet (modern)

Juliet’s Hate-

In my English class, I was asked to map out the character Juliet. At the beginning of the story, her parents are trying to force her to marry someone she does not want to marry. Juliet states, “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move..” (Shakespeare 1.3.106). When she says this, she is implying that she doesn’t want to marry Paris. However, she says that she will pretend to like him if she really has to. She ends up meeting Romeo and breaks the rules to be with him instead.

Not only was I asked to map out Juliet’s character, but also the hate side that is present in the story. Her hatred shapes her character because it allows her to want to break her parents wanting her getting married to Paris. In fact, at first, she does not want to get married at all. Juliet says, “It is an honor that I dream not of” (Shakespeare 1.3.72). Having this hatred for not wanting to get married to Paris, gives her the willingness to break the rules and seek love for Romeo instead.

The chart we used in class-

Say Mean Matter
1. “It is an honor that I dream not of.”

2. “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move..”

1. She does not want to get married right now because she is still young.

2. She does not like Paris. but is willing to pretend she does to make her parents happy.

1. Proves that Juliet doesn’t want to get married to Paris, but her parents are forcing her.

2. Proves that Juliet is hating her parents/Paris for making her get married, but she is willing to follow along (for now).

Compare and Contrast-

There are many different versions of Romeo and Juliet. Two versions that we compared in the class were Zeffirelli and Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet’s. We compared the scenes when Romeo and Juliet first see each other. These two scenes are very different in many different ways.

Image result for capulets and montagues
Capulet’s vs. Montague’s

In Zeffirelli’s scene, it is more of the original Romeo and Juliet. It is set at a Capulet party and Romeo sees Juliet while she is dancing in an oldish fashioned way. Not only was the dancing old timely, but the music, costumes, and props used in this scene were things you would have seen years ago. The background looked castle-like and not as clean or modern. The words used were not changed in any way and the acting was not as advanced as people would see today.

Unlike Zeffirelli’s, Luhrman’s scene, it is more unique and modernized. It is set at a Capulet costume party and Romeo sees Juliet through a fish tank. Everything in this scene was more modern including a little upbeat music, modernized costumes, and props that many people would be familiar with today. The background looked more like a mansion, it was clean and a lot better looking. The scene also contained an elevator, which was not seen back then. Some words were changed, but not by much and the acting was a lot more advanced like people would see today.

Image result for romeo and juliet zeffirelli
Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet Picture (older)


  1. What happens with Paris since Juliet falls for Romeo instead?
  2. Is all of Romeo’s feelings for Rosaline gone? How does she feel about him now?

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